Sonic Chronicles Playable at SoS!

19 07 2008

The upcoming game, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, has been confirmed playable at the Summer of Sonic (SoS) event in London this coming August. This was announced two days ago by Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne on TSS/SoS 2008 website.

So, if you wanna be among the first to play this RPG before its release in September, you should attend SoS and get there early, because the hall is apparently going to be packed.

As a little background for all who don’t already know, Summer of Sonic is a Sonic the Hedgehog convention started up by TSS in 2006. It dissapeared for 2007, but has come back with a vengence this year (2008). It will be presented by The Sonic Stadium (TSS) and Sonic Wrecks, with some support from SEGA obviously. This year, it will be hosted in London, England at the Covent Dragon Hall Trust on August 9th. Visit the Summer of Sonic site to sign up if you wish to attend the event.

Special guest to the convention are Lee Brotherton (Musician) and Nigel Kitching (Sonic the Comic) by the way. =)




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